Monday, September 30, 2013

New Release - KIR322 - Diia - I Am The Music - Remixes by MBFB, Saam Roberts and Vacaro

With a fresh track that has the familiarity of a classic, Diia brings the floor to life with the vocal driven “I Am The Music”, breathing new life into clubs and ears alike with her Electro House smasher!

The catchy heartfelt vocals are sung and utilized beautifully, uplifting and timeless, they are wonderfully paralleled by heavy triplet kicks and well polished trance synths, giving us an epic peaktime masterpiece, that’s composed with the best of old and new!

First up on remix duties is the dirty duo MBFB, going hard and holding nothing back, they seamlessly blend grinding bass and heavy lead riffs with top 40 esque breakdowns, attacking the dance floor with an arsenal of dangerous sounds with their Electro driven remix of “I Am The Music”!

The young upstart Saam Roberts pours his soul into his extreme and gnarly Complextro rendition of “I Am The Music”, bringing sweltering heat to the masses with machine gun like drum rolls, and pounding away with side-chained bass leads and a killer soundscape!

Lastly Vacaro closes this epic EP out properly with halftime breakdowns and blood curtailing leads, while also bringing some booty shaking goodness into this unique Electro House remix of “I Am The Music”, it’s sure to be a favorite for listeners everywhere!

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All Other Sites 10/14/2013

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The Crystal Method - "Cool tracks."

Farace - "Loving this!"

Kickflip - "Great chords in the original and the Vacaro Remix is wicked!"

Quadrat Beat - "Like the bassline inside! Thanks a lot for this promo."

Deformaty - "Love the vocals!"

Marcus Gauntlett - "Cool track guys!"

DeadSlim - "This is hot man!"

Dave Jacob - "Insane!"

Distortion Records - "Killer release!! Full support!"

Dener Silvestrine - "I loved it!"

     KIR322 - Diia - I Am The Music - Remixes by MBFB, Saam Roberts and Vacaro OUT 09/30/2013 by Kick It Recordings


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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Free Track - James Egbert - Back To New - Deformaty Remix

Today we have a special free release from the one like Deformaty in celebration of hitting 900 likes on his Facebook Fanpage! Deformaty won a remix contest from Insomniac's Discovery Project by smashing a killer re work of James Egbert's "Back To New", bringing us a massive Breakbeat jammer that has peaktime written all over it!

Kicking things off with a phat Breakbeat and driving synthlines Deformaty quickly heads into the first vocal fueled breakdown, building up to the meat of "Back To New", scoring a 10 on the epic flavor scale, right before he pushes into high gear with gnarly bass stabs and movement!

It's perfectly clear why Deformaty won with his powerful remix of "Back To New", the grinding bass and heavy upbeat vibes make a lasting impact on listeners and dancers a like!

James Egbert - Back To New (Deformaty Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Deformaty

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Free Mix - KWeRK - Planet Angel

Today we have a killer Breaks fueled mix from the one like Kwerk promoting Planet Angel, a company that throws excellent party all over London!

A Kwerk mix wouldn't be complete without originals and remixes from the fantastic producer himself, and he delivers in full, bringing us a beautiful and driving mix that's surrounded by the high energy that Kwerk is known for!   

With tracks from Colombo, Wolfgang Gartner, Kid Panel, and six tracks from Kwerk, this mix is a perfect soundtrack for Kwerk fans and Breaks lovers a like!

KWeRK "Planet Angel Mix"

01. - Mata "23" KWeRK Remix
02. - Wolfgang Gartner "Anaconda" KWeRK ReWerk
03. - Colombo "Funk Me"
04. - Dubaxface "Push It"
05. - KWeRK "A Little Twisted"
06. - Green Firm "Freedom"
07. - Bizarre Inc "Playing With Knives" KWeRK Summer ReWerk
08. - Kid Panel feat. Sporty-O & BBK "Bumblebee"
09. - DJ Frenzy "American Hustle"
10. - Hatiras/Vandal/Jelo/Stanton Warriors/Elite Force "M.A.D"
11. - Colombo "Methane"
12. - 48k "Nightswitch" KWeRK Remix

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Release - KIR321 - Saam Roberts - Animal - Remixes by Direct Input, DeadSlim and Jordan Clayton

Losing control and slamming into our ears like a ferocious beast, Saam Roberts' "Animal" is a catchy peak time Electro track, fueled by exquisite vocals that are beautiful and heartfelt just as much as they mysteriously haunt listeners!

In an industry that seems like they have forgotten about vocals and the importance of vocal communication through song, Saam Roberts makes sure that "Animal" conveys a message worth dancing for! Starting off proper with clean drums and wonderful synths and leads, Saam Roberts makes sure that you are taken to another world from square one; fantastic melodies let you know that you are living in the soundscape of "Animal", and even if left inside for one second, you are stuck and might not want to return to earth!

Coming at us first on remix duties is Direct Input who lays down a wicked Breakbeat Remix of “Animal” that makes perfect use of original bits and brings in a touch of the Sunshine State. Punchy kicks, cracking snares and plenty of the vocals make for one dreamy remix that is sure to make its way up the charts!

Next up is DeadSlim giving us a hard and driving Electro House remix that's chalk full of down and dirty rhythms and baselines that will have your head spinning and your feet shaking! The up in your face drive of DeadSlim's remix of "Animal" can't be overstated, the resonating and gnarly force of the leads are perfect for large clubs and are saturated with Summer vibes that have more energy than the sun!

Lastly we have the one like Jordan Clayton with an Electro infused Dubstep banger that complements "Animal" so well, to the extent that it sends shivers down ones spine! With original bass stabs and a large atmosphere, Jordan Clayton drops a Dubstep remix of "Animal" that even haters of the genre will adore and hail as unique!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 10/07/2013

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BBC Radio: BBC Introducing Leeds June 29th
                  BBC Radio 1 September 6th

BCB Radio 1: Yorkshire Music Collective August 1st

The Crystal Method - "Solid Release! Liking DeadSlim Mix."

Farace - "Great Track!"

Kwerk - "What a release ! Saam Roberts is quickly becoming one to watch ! All over the original, but the Direct Input remix is on rotation for my Breaks sets !! HUGE !!"

MBFB - "Nice pack here!!"

Kickflip - "Good stuff from DeadSlim!"

Breaking News - "Big thnaks 4 promo! Good EP! Love sweet sound of DI Remix))"

Ed Russell (MBN) - "Big! :-) Will play the Breaks mix for sure."

Ton Clyde - "Nice proggy remix be Direct Input remix. Dig this vocals."

Petey - "DeadSlim remix is fucking cool! Great release!"

Distorsion Records - "Great release guys!!"

   KIR321 - Saam Roberts - Animal w/ Remixes by Direct Input, DeadSlim and Jordan Clayton OUT 09/23 by Kick It Recordings

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Jordan Clayton on Soundcloud -

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Free Track - Kill Paris Vs LL Cool J - Funky K.O. - Chamber & Apesh!t Mashup

Slamming into our ears today is a fantastic mashup of Kill Paris and LL Cool J from the ones like Chamber and Apesh!t, "Funky K.O." is just over three minutes long of pure Glitch Hop, funky filled flavor!

Starting off as Chamber usually does, disco esque stabs and guitar riffs pull listeners along, bringing them on a vocal fueled rampage of down low floor grinding dance madness, as the first breakdown starts to peek out it's head, "Funky K.O." transforms into an even more powerful and driving track!

When Chamber and Apesh!t drop in gnarly basslines and vocals from LL Cool J, everyone will be on their feet, making "Funky K.O." another driving and unique track from the one like Chamber! To get this tune and many more for free just stop by Chambers Facebook page and give it a like to unlock a massive amount of free tracks!

  Kill Paris Vs LL Cool J - Funky K.O. (Chamber & Apesh!t Mashup) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by DJ Chamber

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Free Track - Beatz Projekted - SHOCK

Hitting us with the big room action today is the one like Beatz Projekted with his original booty bumper "SHOCK", giving a go at one of the most popular sounds in dance music today, he smacks the nail on the head bringing a massive soundscape and large energy on this original tune!

Starting things off with almost a Moombahton vibe, with percussion and stabs doing most of the driving, all layered behind a pounding kick, "SHOCK" quickly gets feet working as rolling rim shots and synths take the forefront right before dropping into a gigantic first breakdown!

Beatz Projekted utilizes his signature sound breaking things down with huge synth work and sweeps, building things up nicely right before heading into some four to the floor madness that club goers will absolutely love!

As big sub rumbles and synths steal the spotlight, it is clear that Beatz Projekted has achieved exactly what he wanted with "SHOCK", giving us a gnarly big room jammer that is sure to be added to many DJ's databases!    

  SHOCK (Original Mix) "FREE DOWNLOAD!" by Beatz Projekted™

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Monday, September 16, 2013

New Release - KIR320 - MBFB - Starbright - Remixes by Foxbeat and Skeletron

Coming at us with a beautiful release we have the ones like MBFB dropping the Electro heat with “Starbright”. Shooting off solar flares of complex synth work and memorable riffs, this one will have your head spinning and bumping at the same time!

Memorable from the first note, MBFB promptly drop piano stabs and rolling drum hits into “Starbright”, delivering movement and high energy before sending listeners along into an epic first breakdown!

“Starbright” is the definition of Electro House, between the grinding basslines, uncompromised melodies, and the pounding drums, MBFB make it clear that this track is a must have!

First up on remix duties is the one like Foxbeat, bringing a harder, dirtier version of “Starbright” to the table. Utilizing all his skill and remix parts to give a different look from the other side of the universe at this stars subsonic sound!

Lastly, Skeletron gives us a double dose of funk and formant bass with his Comlextro fueled rendition of “Starbright” complete with disco rave synths and otherworldly talking bass that send this one out into the boundless reaches of space!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 09/30/2013

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Farace - "Massive!"

Beatz Projekted - "BIGGGG One!!"

Deformaty - "Intense!"

Saam Roberts - "Hell yeah, thats my boys!!! You guys impress me more and more with every track!! This EP just gets better and better!!! Kick its going wilk man!!!"

Jordan Clayton - "Yeahh right up my street guys!"

KAMEN - "Fantastic!"

Breakthru Radio - "Fun pack! Support!"

Active Gear - "Foxbeat Remix on this one for me... it's a little tougher dirtier remix!"

Radio Corsaro - "Very good!"

   KIR320 - MBFB - Starbright - Remixes by Foxbeat and Skeletron OUT 09/16/2013 by Kick It Recordings

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Free Track - Groove Armada - My Friend - Memory Machine Remix

Bringing good vibes to the weekday hump we have a groovy remix of Groove Armada's "My Friend" from the one like Memory Machine, if you have been under the impression that all Tech is minimal, then prepare to be blown away by this amazing Tech House jammer!

Starting off with low organs playing heavy chords backed with a four to the floor kick and shuffling high hats, Memory Machine quickly moves to a vocal driven first breakdown that builds up to sub pounding bass and fluid movement right before heading into the meat of "My Friend"!

The non stop power of Memory Machines grooves always leave listeners wanting more, and his remix of "My Friend" is no exception, grinding leads and smooth basslines are complemented perfectly by catching and uplifting vocals, giving us a perfect free tune for a Wednesday morning!

To get this fantastic tune for free, just head over to Memory Machines Facebook page and give it a like!

  [Free DL Click Buy] Groove Armada - My Friend (Memory Machine Remix) by memory.machine

Download Link -

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Free Track - Major Lazer - Watch Out For This - Deekline Remix

Hitting us with some booty bumpin goodness today is the one like Deekline with his House infused remix of Major Lazer's "Watch Out For This", it's peaktime floor filling action can't be overstated as Deekline take this tune to a whole new level!

Going big from the first note, Deekline hit us with a four to the floor beat with riding synth lines and side-chained sweeps, right before heading into the first brass driven  breakdown of "Watch Out For This"!

Deekline keeps the energy high and movement flowing throughout the breakdown as vocal stabs and samples pull listeners along, quickly dropping the hard fire as bouncy massive basslines take the forefront!

Whatever your preferences are, Deekline has made sure that everyone will be content with this soon to be House classic, between the heavy and sometimes outrageous horns, massive bass hits, and the overall upbeat vibe of "Watch Out For This", Deekline has left nothing to the imagination with his new free banger!

  Major Lazer 'Watch Out For This' (Deekline Remix) by DJ Deekline

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Monday, September 9, 2013

New Release - KIR319 - Farace & Dave Berg - One Quick Hit - Breaks Mix

Farace and Dave Berg's "One Quick Hit" has returned to Kick It with a massive Breaks remix coming from the boys themselves.

KIR319 has everything you could want out of a proper club banger! Wicked drums, killer synth work and original vocals making for a dancefloor destroyer that is kid tested and mother approved!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 09/23/2013

Support From

Hot Shit! - "HUGE!!"

Beatz Projekted - "Heavy shit boys!"

Lady Waks - "Too atmospheric for me) but a good track to play on the radio. You have my support for this one."

Wavewhore - "Nice one fellas!"

Saam Roberts - "Massive snare! This is heavy man! Love it!"

Breaking News - "Big thanks for the promo! Love this sound! Full support!" 

Yreane - "Oh yeah!!!! I fucking love it!!! Amazing sound, great production. Supporting."

Active Gear - "Hope it destroys the festi I'm playing this weekend :) Top stuff!"

Distortion Records - "Great stuff again!!"

DJ Asyk - "Fat n' chuggy!! Nice vocals too, definitely one for the dancefloor :-)"

DJ Slick E - "Dope beats & bass!"

   OUT NOW!! KIR319 - Farace & Dave Berg - One Quick Hit - Breaks Remix by Kick It Recordings

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Free Track - Night Bandit - The Corp

Today hitting us with the epic bassline action, is the one like Night Bandit with his original Electro House banger, "The Corp" that features gigantic melodies that wrap the listener in a unfamiliar atmosphere well still driving and pushing the dancefloor with peaktime goodness!!!

Kicking things off with a four to the floor beat, Night Bandit quickly moves to a breakdown that's driven by massive Mega Man esque synth lines, that are the definition of fresh slamming business!

The rest is history as grinding bass leads take the forefront and send listeners over the edge, with a second breakdown that's calk full of funky riffs, Night Bandit shows just how versatile he can be with his Electro jammer "The Corp"!!!

  Night Bandit - The Corp [Free Download] by Night Bandit

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Free Track - Sneaker & The Dryer - Napoleon Works It - Bart B More Vs Missy Elliott

Hitting us with a monster of a tune today is the one like Sneaker & The Dryer! Fresh off his tour of the UK, S&D lays down the business with a massive mash up of "Napoleon" from Bart B More and "Work It" from Missy Elliott to give us an undisputed peaktime banger!!!

Starting things off with heavy toms and kicks, along with background vocals that lure listeners in, "Napoleon Works It" soon kicks the energy into high gear with a multitude of synths, lasers, vocal samples, and everything and anything that creates movement to really get dancers moving within seconds of the first note!

Sneaker & The Dryer lays this track out with years of experience behind the decks, the fluid and mixable qualities of "Napoleon Works It" can't be overstated as it's driving bass and hand picked sounds are perfect for any DJ to mix, and fall in love playing it!

A vocal and synth driven breakdown provides more energy and hype than most of the meat in the top 40 dance charts, quick and to the point Sneaker & The Dryer uses Missy Elliott's vocals in a way that the artist herself would have pined for back when "Work It" was released!

With almost 7 minutes of pure dance magic coming from a prolific DJ, there is no need to further describe how epic Sneaker & The Dryer has made this tune, and further goes to show that this is one producer that you need to be on the look out for, because it's only a matter of time before this man is a super star!  

    Free Track!! - Sneaker & The Dryer - Napoleon Works It (Bart B More Vs Missy Elliott) by SneakerAndTheDryer

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Release - KIR318 - Ecletik - Freefall - Remixes by Direct Input, OLMEC and Joe C

As summer winds down KIR318 delivers the heat like it’s the middle of July, as Ecletik drops the flavorful Electro banger “Freefall”! Whether it’s the massive build ups or the head thumping basslines, Ecletik makes sure that every nuance of “Freefall” is in your face and pushing dancers harder than they have been pushed before to give us a non-stop energetic track that is the definition of peak-time madness!

Kicking in the door and bringing life to the club, “Freefall” starts it’s full on assault with large drum hits and sidechained bass that pulls listeners in just as they are smacked with grinding leads, overloading our senses with precise sounds and well placed harmonics! Getting down and dirty is the only option people will have as Ecletik works his electronic magic casting a heads down spell that can hypnotize fans in an instant!

Hitting us with the first of three remixes is OLMEC, and man does he hit the nail on the head with his fun and funky take on “Freefall” delivering an Electro House jammer that represents the power and prowess of this UK producer! Giving all the body shredding leads as the original, OLMEC also adds his own flavor with broken beats, massive drum builds, and unique and haunting leads to bring us an OLMEC infused remix of “Freefall”!

A release wouldn’t be complete without a cut up Breakbeat floor crusher, and Joe C makes it abundantly clear why with his upbeat remix of “Freefall”, giving his all to a sure to be top 100 track! Knowing full well what Breakheads need and their love for vocals, Joe C sneaks in vocal stabs that punch “Freefall” the extra mile, crashing into us with downright gnarly jolts and movement and tearing a whole through the ceiling!

Closing things out just how they should be, the up and coming artist that needs no introduction, Direct Input represents his sound to the fullest as his one of a kind synths and melody’s overtake “Freefall”. Letting his hair down with a Breakbeat jammer that’s vibrant and it's eerie nature has an atmosphere all it’s own! Even with all the range and artistry shown in Direct Inputs remix of “Freefall”, there is still a peak-time element that is hidden deep in the fabric, and flows through it’s beautiful and fantastic composition!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 09/16/2013

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Hot Shit! - "Really good EP!"

Fisso & Spark - "Big ups guys! Full support!"

Beatz Projekted - "Dope work on the original!"

Wavewhore - "Direct Input Remix sounds nice!"

Kickflip - "Liking the sound of that Joe C remix!"

Audio:Hertz - "Great work chaps!"

Deformaty - "So sick!"

MBFB - "Amazing!"

Temazo - "Direct Input is simply on fire!!"

Foxbeat - "OMG yesssss! Sick release!"

Distorsion Recordings - "Awesome release guys! Full support!

Nuno Lisboa - "Portugal's finest producer, big up friend!"

   OUT NOW!! KIR318 - Ecletik - Freefall - Remixes by OLMEC, Joe C and Direct Input by Kick It Recordings

Ecletik on Soundcloud -

Direct Input on Soundcloud -

OLMEC on Soundcloud -

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Free Track - A.D.O.R. - One For The Trouble - Chamber Remix

The one who's name is synonymous with Glitch Hop, the remixing maniac DJ Chamber, drops pure fire with his newest remix of A.D.O.R.'s "One For The Trouble", giving us a fresh club friendly version of this massive classic!

Starting things off with heavy vibes, and a vibrant atmosphere that's fueled by funky guitar hits and vocal stabs, Chamber quickly smacks us with gnarly and grinding bass lines sending "One For The Trouble"  to another level!

With years of experience under his belt, it's always a guarantee that whatever Chamber touches turns to Glitch Hop gold, and "One For The Trouble" is no exception, the raw and heartfelt power that's packed into every note will have crowds of any size getting down and dirty without exceptions!   

To download this track and a myriad of other bangers, all that is needed is to like Chambers Facebook Page to unlock his full catalog of funky goodness!!!

  One For The Trouble (Chamber Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by DJ Chamber

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Chamber on Twitter -