Monday, September 30, 2013

New Release - KIR322 - Diia - I Am The Music - Remixes by MBFB, Saam Roberts and Vacaro

With a fresh track that has the familiarity of a classic, Diia brings the floor to life with the vocal driven “I Am The Music”, breathing new life into clubs and ears alike with her Electro House smasher!

The catchy heartfelt vocals are sung and utilized beautifully, uplifting and timeless, they are wonderfully paralleled by heavy triplet kicks and well polished trance synths, giving us an epic peaktime masterpiece, that’s composed with the best of old and new!

First up on remix duties is the dirty duo MBFB, going hard and holding nothing back, they seamlessly blend grinding bass and heavy lead riffs with top 40 esque breakdowns, attacking the dance floor with an arsenal of dangerous sounds with their Electro driven remix of “I Am The Music”!

The young upstart Saam Roberts pours his soul into his extreme and gnarly Complextro rendition of “I Am The Music”, bringing sweltering heat to the masses with machine gun like drum rolls, and pounding away with side-chained bass leads and a killer soundscape!

Lastly Vacaro closes this epic EP out properly with halftime breakdowns and blood curtailing leads, while also bringing some booty shaking goodness into this unique Electro House remix of “I Am The Music”, it’s sure to be a favorite for listeners everywhere!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 10/14/2013

Support From

The Crystal Method - "Cool tracks."

Farace - "Loving this!"

Kickflip - "Great chords in the original and the Vacaro Remix is wicked!"

Quadrat Beat - "Like the bassline inside! Thanks a lot for this promo."

Deformaty - "Love the vocals!"

Marcus Gauntlett - "Cool track guys!"

DeadSlim - "This is hot man!"

Dave Jacob - "Insane!"

Distortion Records - "Killer release!! Full support!"

Dener Silvestrine - "I loved it!"

     KIR322 - Diia - I Am The Music - Remixes by MBFB, Saam Roberts and Vacaro OUT 09/30/2013 by Kick It Recordings


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