Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Free Mix - Jordan Clayton - Bending The Sound 21 w/ Nate Goldsmith Guestmix

Here is the most recent edition of Jordan Clayton's "Bending The Sound", this time around he features a guest mix from Nate Goldsmith, and it's packed full with gnarly tracks that a perfect for a Spring afternoon!!!

Bending The Sound 021

Jordan Clayton
01. - Alex Metric & Oliver "Hope"
02. - Craig David "Fill Me In" Artful 2013 Bootleg
03. - Special Features & Ansolo "Unite"
04. - Merk & Kremont "Amen"
05. - Simon De Jano & Bottai "Delorean"
06. - Toby Green "Thinking"
07. - DeeRiVee & Gabriell "Avalanche" Jordan Clayton Remix

Guest Mix
01. - Round Table Knights "Midnight Spark"
02. - Shadow Child w/ Tymer "23"
03. - Dansson w/ Marlon Hoffstadt "Shake That" Shadow Child Remix
04. - Fake Blood "Bionic"
05. - Florence & The Machine "You've Got The Love" Mark Knight Remix

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Free Track - Far Too Loud - Acid 9000 - Jaycen A'mour Remix

Jaycen A'mour has just released a bangin free remix of Far Too Loud's "Acid 9000", this Electro House heavyweight is sure to become a contender in your database!

Kicking down the door within the first seconds of "Acid 9000", Jaycen A'mour utilizes clean kicks and the gnarly synth progression that Far Too Loud is known for to push dancers and listeners into a grinding world of peaktime pleasure!

With a second breakdown that's chalk full of melodic riffs, airy sweeps, and an all around beautiful atmosphere, it is perfectly paralleled by the monstrous meat that dwells inside Jaycen A'mour's fantastic remix of "Acid 9000"

Pick this banger up for free today by visiting the Jaycen A'mour Facebook Fanpage!!!

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Free Track - Dj Maxie & Alex Speaker - Hey YO (Darth & Vader Remix)

Today we have an oldie, but a goody from the people over at Straight Up Music!, they have decided to give away the Darth & Vader remix of "Hey YO" that was released in 2011 on their sub-label Big Alliance Records, and man does it still sound sweet!!!

Supported by the likes of Skrillex, Porter Robinson, and Armin van Buuren, Darth & Vader's remix of "Hey YO" made him an instant powerhouse name in the Electro scene, pick it up for free today if you have not already been rocking it for years!!!

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Free Track - Borgore & Victor Niglio - Booty Monsta - David A Remix

Continuing their Artist Spotlight month with Victor Niglio, Khross presents us with the second of five tracks from their Victor Niglio remix pack!

Montreal's own David A has come up with a little something special for us, enjoy his banger of a remix of "Booty Monsta" and download this peak time track today!!!

With epic and melodic breakdowns, heart stopping bass, and straight up nasty textures, David A turns Borgore and Victor Niglio's "Booty Monsta" into a gnarly Electro House floor stomper!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Free Track - Wicked City - Reach

Starting off the week right, we have today, a Future Funk infused Breaks smasher from the boys of Wicked City, delivering a down and dirty floor crusher with "Reach"!

Wicked City is the brand new project from Krafty Kuts and rising DnB star Erb n Dub. Other membes include the very talented Dynamite MC, UKG producer Chris Sargeant and Yamaha sponsored keyboardist Steve Barton. Together they deliver an onslaught of live bass infused Future Funk and HipHop, along with renditions of classic Krafty Kuts bangers!

"Reach" is the second single from Wicked City, the synth heavy Future Funk banger, will get any crowd going wild, and is sure to brighten up any night! It's  currently being supported by the likes of Eddy Temple Morris, Far Too Loud, Barry Ashworth, Freestylers, Ed Solo and Ghetto Funk, just to name a few! 

Be sure to be one of the first to have this amazing track!!!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Free Track - Jordan Clayton - Firepower

Jordan Clayton has just released a monstrous Electro House, club banger entitled "Fire Power", a feel good yet aggressive track that will be a perfect jam for upcoming summer shows!!!

Kicking it off with high energy drums and synth stabs, Jordan Clayton gives us a long mix in before heading into the first melodic and intoxicating breakdown, building sounds and pressure up nicely as we slide into the meat of "Firepower"!

With one more breakdown and dance goodness that stretches on for days, Jordan Clayton gives DJ's exactly what they want with "Firepower", an epic journey backed with pounding drums and low driving bass, perfect for this years festival season!!!   

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Free Mix - Hotline Zero - April 2014 Mix

Today we have a massive mix from the ones like Hotline Zero!!! Their "April 2014 Mix" is packed full with fantastic tracks that include some of Hotline Zero's own creations, giving us a powerful combination of Breaks and Nu Funk Disco to groove the night away too!!!

With other more tracks from artists such as Featurecast, Stickybuds, Deekline, A.Skills, and Krafty Kuts, this is sure to quench the thirst of any Breaks addict!!!  

Hotline Zero - April 2014 Mix

01. - Hotline Zero "Funk Off" 
02. - Tonic "Bodymovin'" 
03. - Hotline Zero "Dribbly Dribbly Sound" 
04. - Second Hand Audio Ft. Akil the MC "Set It Off" Tonic Remix 
05. - Stickybuds & Featurecast "3-6-9" 
06. - Hotline Zero "Iced Baby" 
07. - The Bamboos vs Dj Vadim "Golden Rock" Basement Freaks Mash Up 
08. - Slynk "Boomin'" 
09. - Hotline Zero "All Gravy" 
10. - Hotline Zero "Hot Leper" 
11. - Deekline, Red Polo "If You Really Want To Party With Me"
12. - Stickybuds "It's My Mouse Trap Thing"
13. - Deekline, Red Polo "Come Baby Come"
14. - Deejay Theory "Carnaval" 
15. - The McMash Clan "Swing Break" 
16. - A.Skillz & Krafty Kuts "TrickaTechnology" 
17. - Hotline Zero "Scamrock" 
18. - Teddy Killerz "Teddy Massacre" 
19. - Funk Ferret & Imagine This "Apply The Pressure" Skeewiff Remix 
20. - DJ Twister "Funky Affair" 
21. - Hotline Zero "Intergalactic" 
22. - Hotline Zero "Freak" 
23. - Pirate Jams "Happy Days" Howla Remix
24. - Bryx "Neon Steve Loves Me" 
25. - Slynk "Poppin' It" 
26. - Centron "Brownie Fever" Original Mix
27. - Featurecast "Jump" 
28. - Uncle Louie "Full Tilt Boogie" Slynk & Stickybuds Remix 
29. - Deekline, Ed Solo "No No No" Slynk Remix 
30. - Varien & Razihel "Toothless Hawkins" 
31. - Stickybuds "Bouncy Bouncy" 
32. - Infected Mushroom "U R So Fucked" Opiuo Remix 
33. - Wilkinson "Heartbeat" Torqux Remix

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Free Track - Upcoming Show - Hotline Zero - Iced Baby

Today we have an excellent free track from the boys over at Hot Cakes, giving us a beautiful and funky re work of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby", Hotline Zero brings the groove with "Iced Baby"

Also Funk and Filth, and Hot Cakes are putting on a show May 10th in London, and artists include Kick It Recordings own Kwerk, along with many other artists such as Deekline, Danny Byrd, and The Freestylers!!!

Be sure if you are in the London area in May to not miss this sure to be fantastic show!

With two flowing breakdowns, monstrous bass, and an all around upbeat island feel, Hotline Zero deliver the ultimate Breakbeat remix of Vanilla Ice's "Iced Baby", get it today so you are not the only one missing out!!!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Free Track - Mighty Dub Katz - Just Another Groove - Stanton Warriors Re Bounce

Awe yeah that's right!!!! The ones known as Stanton Warriors have just released an amazing remix of the irresistible classic "Just Another Groove", bringing us a more upbeat and sub heavy energy filled masterpiece, that would even have your grandparents grooving along to the rhythm and beautifully heart catching vocals!

Trading the straightforward vibe of the original for peaktime synths, bass, and massive drums, Stanton Warriors deliver Breakbeat gold as they completely re work "Just Another Groove", making it the only groove you'll want to be playing this Summer!  

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Free Mix - Deformaty - Flip That Switch - Electro Bounce Vol. 1

Hot off the presses we have a compilation mix of Deformaty's best original and remixed Melbourne and Electro Bounce tracks from this year, which includes his new track "Bouncin"

Featuring collaborations with Koyote, Lightspeed, and Strive, Deformaty brings us a massive onslaught of bouncing goodness, that will have you grooving and dancing all night long!

Deformaty - Flip That Switch - Electro Bounce Vol. 1

01. - Deformaty & Koyote "Bouncin'" 
04. - Deformaty & Lightspeed "Crack It Smack It" 
05. - Deformaty & Lightspeed "Get Some"
07. - Deformaty & Koyote "Force"
09. - Deformaty "Human" 
10. - Shade K "Slum Dweller" Deformaty Remix

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Free Track - DJ Shwann - Katana

To celebrate his third year playing at Ultra Music Festival, DJ Shwann has just released his massive Big Room banger "Katana"

The peaktime monster that is "Katana" is a perfect track for this years festival season, with relentless energy and a lengthy mix in DJ Shwann has tailored this track to all DJs, giving us a non stop, hands in the air, floor crusher!

With two epic breakdowns, and bass so heavy that it makes buildings rumble, "Katana" is one tune you will not want to miss out on!!!

  [Featured on TSS] Shwann - Katana (UMF 2014 Freebie) by DJ SHWANN

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